Audiopathik project was created by Alex Urias (Acidized) and Gilberto Wendlandt (Wilo). From the state of Sonora Mexico as a mission they take to merge, and manipulate the audio experience without boundaries to create a schizophrenic sound addictive and danceable. Influenced by the underground scene in the Russian and Scandinavian psychedelic trance well as other genres of electronic music like hardstyle / techno / idm / dnb / darkstep ... decided to create a new concept within the psychedelic trance.

Audiopathik's music has fueled dance floors in the main psytrance festivals in the world some years ago. Their sound was a key part within the genus evolcion darkpsy and continues to drive the development of new production techniques within the same building its international recognition.

The project Audiopathik is often found in the sets and Top 10's of world-renowned DJs such as Goa Gil. Founders of labels like Pleiadian (Mexico) and Mass Abduction (USA), have strongly supported the more experimental sound of psytrance in Mexico through the promotion of events, artists, production and distribution of music in general.

Have presented their material throughout Mexico as well as in different parts of the world such as USA (New York, San Francisco), Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Guatemala .. Audiopathik is considered one of the Mexican live acts with more international audience within its genre.

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