Coming up on the decks over the next hours is one of Central America’s hotest dj talents he began his career playing at parties in his own town of Guatemala and was invited to spin with artist such as Kindzadza, Furious, Cosmo, Virtuanoise, Baba jelly, Psykovsky, Arcek, Will o Wisp, Xikury neyrra, Bash, Mind distortion system, Vegetal, Kashyyk, Audiopathik, Bodhisattva 13.20, Polyphonia, Mubali, Exaile, Egnogra,
Skunk of satan, Bombax, Dark whisper, Orestis, Zik and Necropsycho.

Dirtyphreak has developed his unique dark, brain dissolver style, based on his own life experience through cutting edge energy pumping psychedelic trance fully dedicated to evolve constantly without losing his authentic dark influence. He has played at clubs like Suae, Bulldogs, Irradiah, Bad attitude, The box, Bar bar- o El Salvador and bar dando vueltas, parties like Electronango I and Electronango II, full moon parties at San pedro, Monterrico, La Antigua, Rave del Castillo, Psychedelic and natural coexistence, psychedelic gathering, Sonic meditation, Circodelics, Hypnoza Costa Rica, Nocturnal emissions ensenada Baja California.

In 2011 he initiated Lamat records an underground psychedelic dark trance label based in Guatemala, wich main purpose is to bring to the weird and wacky, slightly tacky, and beautiful world of psychedelic trance dance culture a heavy dose of night time dark psychedelic trance releases, produced by several artist well known around the globe, using high quality conceptual music, inspired by the complex brain-wraping textures, paying great attention to detail: both visual and audible;. Taking you deep and purging your mind through sensory overload. Using frequencies that will resonate in our souls giving visual form to its harmonies.

If you've never seen him play then you will know he is one of the most energetic DJ’s around a long time passionnate for extreme musics started playing at the age of 20 after recognising his interest about psy trance, he felt to start mixing and producing music and his dj set certainly reflects his last personality please
welcome for an American underground special dirtyphreak.


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