Jelly headz
Fabio and Karim are 2 French artists and friends based at Paris. They meet each others in 1996, while from 1993,in underground trance period, both of them,are part of DROIDSECT crew with Luc & Julien from Digital talk, Raphael (Datakult) and many more..

Jelly headz is an alchemy between 2 alien's brain.
The project borned in 1996, from the begining Fabio and Karim develop an very massiv, twisted, groovy, deeply nervous, and totally underground psychedelic music.
With passing years, their talent and their style are confirmed,they keep that anti-establishment and revolutionary mind spirit which is peculiar to both of them.
Jelly headz concept is still strongly engaged.

JELLY: Karim discover techno in 1990 when the mouvement explore the "night circle" of paris( Boy's,Palace,kit kat...),he was also very present in hip hop and funk sound system...and then he discover trance stage in 1993.
jelly was an inevitable member of the french trance underground on that period(party promoter,deco).He start to compose trance music with a spanish friend in 1993.End of 1999 he join raphael and form DATAKULT, Jelly headz project is created with Fabio in 96.
Several different project with Karim have seen the day from that date as "THE MANY FACES" with DEJAN,BABA JELLY which is karim own project,and more recently VICIOUS ALCHEMY with Virginie(Djane CHRYSALID).

HEADZ: as Karim,Fabio discover the techno mouvement first, in UK in 1990,then he learn to mix and become an inevitable techno and Drum&Bass Dj...during 10 years fabio play in many party's in France and in some other countries,trance is part of him from 1993.

In 1994,it is SaÏd Acher,eminent member of " DENSHI DANSHI" from POF records (one of the first french trance project) with who Fabio start to learn the music,later he join "CYCLOÎD" project with julien(digital talk), and Raphael Befort (Datakult), and finally, Jelly headz is formed in 1996.


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