The Kasatka project was born 2005 after the fullmoon festival in northern germany.The freaky head behind this project is Marco Wojanowski,he was born 1982 in Hamburg/Germany.He got in first touch with psytrance in 2000 and started to mix some tunes for his friends.His main idea was to create surreal cyberdelic music for the next generation of psytrance.In 2007 he had finally his first helpfull contact to Ilse (Parvati Records),Ilse have helped him to release his first tune for Triplag music.In 2008 he dived more deeper into his productions and he had more releases on different labels.In 2009 a vs project with his brother (Calyptratus) called "Ender Nation Project"was started.In 2010 Bionic Instinct Records was born and he help the founder Simo Tahiri (Kobold Instinct)since the first day to release new fresh psychedelic tunes.


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