From the Mayan region of Guatemala in Central America comes Pablo Saravia a.k.a. Shamanoid with his ritual-oriented Power Psytrance. Producing this genre since 2008, Shamanoid has developed a very personal sound based on teachings from shamanism and occult sciences such as Kabbalah. His first EP "Power Ally" was released by D.A.R.K. Records in 2009 gaining attention worldwide. His "ever-changing" style is easily recognized on the dancefloor, making him one of the most intense acts nowadays. A solid bassline gently mixed with ritualistic trance-inducing rhythms guide this producer towards the next steps of Psytrance's evolution…the next generation is here.

Having shared the stage with big names of the worldwide Psytrance scene such as Mubali, Egnogra, Furious, Dark Whisper, Kashyyyk, Kindzadza and Psykovsky among others, Shamanoid has been shaking the dancefloor since his music started to enter this physical dimension, translating the sounds from the worlds beyond.

Co-founder of the Fraktal Krew, emblematic guatemalan Psytrance collective, Shamanoid is expected to release his first LP "Shadow Dancers" this 2011. Other releases in various compilations are also expected for this year. Time to set the spirits free!


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