Yara is Savina Scattaglia from Venezuela. She rose to the decks of her country in the late 1990s, where she began rocking small parties with her original compositions performed live with hardware synths together with her ex partner Darkohm. Since March 2007 Savina started her solo project under the name Yara and promises to bring a more mystic flavour to her full-power dark sounds.

As a party organizer, Yara founded Psykomunity team, a group dedicated to developing the local Venezuelan psytrance scene.

She is also into some new colaborations:
THE GRAVEDANCERS (Yara + Hishiryo)
YOLOKONOKO (Yara + Oxidelic)
OCHOMANO (Yara + Oxidelic + Malkaviam + Luthien)
BRUJOS (Yara + Malkaviam).



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