Dharma is a Dj from Alajuela, Costa Rica a small country in Central America, a peaceful location with amazing geography, nature, well known worldwide as a psytrance seed recognized for having a happy and friendly population.

Dharma had her first contact with electronic music at the age of 16 when she spent 7 months in New Zealand, a country that she admires for it’s Maori culture, people and landscape. After this experience abroad she continued listening to different genres of electronic music for years; in 2003 she purchased a pair of used Technics SL-1200 turn tables and she begun to play different electronic music styles for a period of time in gatherings with friends.

Dharma started listening more to Psytrance music, and fall in love with the genre; influenced by the sounds of artists such as Kindzadza, Wizack twizack, Antagon, Spacetribe, Azax Syndrome, Gappeq, Cosmo, Gataka, Neelix, Ecoplex, among others she initiates her career as a professional Dj in Costa Rica in 2006, playing progressive psytrance, Dark Full On and High tech at parties organized by Colectivo Ajna a Costa Rican based psy-trance events promoter since 2002, also in parties organized by Psychedelic Divison, Psyco Tropic, and Acid Beat. She has also played in different well known clubs and bars in her country, such as Café Rock Latino, Retrovisor, Vertigo among others.

Her humble, outgoing personality and energetic performance in combination with her music selection of twisted sounds, transmits a good energy creating a great connection with the crowd.

She has shared the stage and dancefloor with high quality international artists such as Ali, Space Tribe, Wizack twizack, Audiophatik, Malice in Wonderland, Frantic Noise, Iron Madness, Hiyarant, Megalopsy , Psychotic Micro, Psychoz, Dirty freak, and Baby G. She was part of the 2012 Hypnoza Festival organized once a year in Costa Rica with this year Line up: Total Eclipse, U-Recken, Cosmo, Mubali, Will O Wisp, Armanterra Kroma, Nikroma, PachaKroma, Kabayun, Audiodidakt, Manipulation, Joshi, Digo, Bambi, Moss, Pill, Wario, Dharma, LSDemon, Outstanding Nerds, Roberticodelico, Xhamanic, Akbal, Khunek, Neorg, Gobi, among others.

She has also share the stage with great Costa Rican artists such as Phoenix, Gnostic, Xomich, Prophet, Neorg, Psykick, Yakama, Piloy, Dusk, S.A.M , Soul Blaster, Pixie, Omkara, Xilox, Po, Massern, Mom@, among others.

You can define Dharma as an open mind artist always searching for new adventures, she believes that we could have a great balance if we begin to recover our sensible senses, this is when we will be able to perceive the ultimate reality that lies behind the power of nature.


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