Marco Bruno aka Ѻcram He was born in Italy in 1972, he grew up listening to heavy metal music and started to play the bass guitar in some local rock band. In 1998, he discovered psytrance and felt in love whit it, without leaving his interest in heavy sounds. Around 2010 together with his best friend they found Merkaba Crew and immediately started organizing parties in their town and nearby cities.

After many successful events in 2015 they made a breakthrough and founded “Taurus Connection Festival”, an International gathering in a beautiful natural area near Torino (north of Italy). He has shared the stage with some international artists like Cosmo, Mad Scientist, Extraterrestrial, Psynonima, Tzolkin Project, Selective Mood, Radice, Aztec, Dosage, Virtuanoise, Tyndra, Arsiaba and more. Mainly his sets are hi-tech, but he loves lower bpm too like darkprog, darkpsy and experimental.

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