Gustavo Vargas, born in the little country of Costa Rica in 1984, began his involvement with psychedelic music at the early age of 17 when he first assisted with a gathering in the local magical mountains. He began dj'ing and with the help of some close friends, founded the Psychoactive Family crew and have organized several gatherings with regional dj's as well as International acts. He has played alongside a countless number of respected artists and dj's during this time and is constantly updating his booking calender.

In 2009 He began Twisted Fungus, and created his own contorted style of ominous tunes which can only be described as a dark, atmospheric and memorable journey. As a dj, he likes to play dark psytrance with hypnotic sounds, deep foggy atmospheres and with twisted leads and pads interweaving through each other like patterns of DNA.

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